Friday, December 21, 2007

Will Someone Please Buy This?

Alex Begg & Co. makes the best cashmere scarves in the world. Period. There are other good producers of cashmere scarves, but none of them can compete with Begg in density, softness, and quality of the cashmere used to make the scarf. They know it, and so do the consumers who buy their scarves, which is why Begg scarves are so expensive. Begg's bread and butter is in single-color scarves, and you can find these easily in many specialty stores throughout the United States. Harder to find are the Begg patterned scarves like the one pictured to the left. They're simply stunning, and they're hard to find. Which makes it all the more difficult for me to believe that Jonathan Fischer at Four In Hand has that large-scale paisley pattern in both burgundy and chocolate brown. But he does, and someone should buy both. He has them listed among the women's scarves, but I see no reason why a man couldn't wear them. If it cold enough in Houston to wear a cashmere scarf more than once or twice a year, I would already own one, but alas. It doesn't. And so it is up to you, dear reader, to give these scarves a good home.

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