Saturday, May 26, 2007

Desert Island Discs

Mamacita has threatened to make me watch The Girl for the weekend if I don't respond to her post about things to be stuck on a desert island with, so I guess I had better get to it. The Girl is charming in small doses, but all weekend? While Mamacita and Papi Chulo are in Red Hill? You have to be kidding me!
  • Music: Well, my initial thought was something by Social Distortion, but that would be just too depressing to contemplate after the catastrophe of being stranded. Therefore, something by Billy Joe Shaver.
  • Book: This is a hard one because the book must not only be good, but it also must be good enough to warrant reading again and again and again. Therefore, how about The Creation of the American Republic by Gordon Wood. It's long, it's one of the classics of American Revolutionary history, and it's very good.
  • Movie: The Shawshank Redemption. This is a very good movie, but it's not my favorite of all time. It does, however, have themes of hope in a hopeless situation and would therefore be useful.
  • Beverage: Iced tea. That's pretty much the principal iced beverage that I drink during the summer.
  • Alcoholic beverage: Highland Park 12 YO. I know that I've been posting a lot of tasting notes about American whiskeys recently, and I really do love them. However, I'd have to say that Highland Park is just about the most perfect whisky that I have ever had.
  • Magazine: Men's Vogue. I'm not much of a magazine reader, and this is about as good as I can do. Men's Vogue isn't spectacular, but it is an order of magnitude better than crap like GQ and Esquire.
  • Famous Female: Judith Martin (Miss Manners). I bet that she'd be a (well-mannered) blast.
  • Famous Male: George Washington. I was originally going to say Abraham Lincoln, but I bet that Washington would be more fun to have a drink with. He was, after all, one of the largest commercial distillers in his day.
There you go, Mamacita. Let the heckling commence!


mamacita said...

My criteria for Famous Female and Famous Male were that he be fuckable and amusing and she be useful and amusing. I assume that your criteria were similar, with gender roles reversed. In which case, well done.

Sara said...

John and Miss Manners? In bed together? :) Steamy *and* proper at the same time...