Monday, May 21, 2007

Today's Shoes


Gravati reversed-seam cap-toe bal in Radica 033 (16496, 500 last). Imagine the shoe above, only in a variegated red-tan leather. Radica is a line of aniline leathers that are sponged while still wet to give them a marble-like variegation. Lobb Paris calls it "museum calf", but Gravati prefers to call it what the tannery calls it. Color 033 is the most eye-popping of the colors offered. The reversed seams make this shoe an interesting and subtly different take on the traditional cap-toe.


Gravati saddle bal with both the vamp and the saddle in nicotina (mid-brown) peccary (15578, 640 last). Peccary is a wild boar-like animal indigenous to South America, and leather made from its hide is similar in appearance and feel to deerskin but much more durable.


Ben W. Brumfield said...

Aren't peccaries also native to Texas, where we call them javelinas?

Soletrain said...

Yes, but the species used for peccary shoe leather is different from the javelina species in the southern US.