Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's Shoes


Gaziano & Girling half-brogue adelaide (Hayes model, DG70 last) in fox suede. Notice the shape of the cutout at the throat of the shoe. On the typical adelaide, this cutout will be U-shaped, but Tony Gaziano borrowed the contours of a traditional half-brogue for this design. Very unique, but not flashy enough to call attention to itself (at least when it isn't in the presence of other shoe geeks).


John Lobb Paris unlined Venetian loafer (Chester model, 6000 last) in dark oak calf. I has misplaced one of the shoes from this pair until this afternoon, which had prevented me from wearing these for a number of months. That's a shame because I really like these. Because they're unlined, they're perfect for summer (and let's face it: it may still be May, but it is summer in Houston); and Venetian loafers have a great deal of minimalist elegance.

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Sara said...

I'm tempted to make a catty comment on how a bachelor manages to misplace a shoe.... but I'll hold my tongue and just let you imagine the catty comment.