Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's Shoes

Just for you, Sara, I've posted a picture of shoes equivalent to the shoes I wore today. Not actually my shoes, mind you, but equivalent to mine. The problem, aside from my sloth, is that most of the shoes I own are one-off special orders, so pictures usually don't exist unless I take them.


Vass burgundy cap-toe bals on the P2 last with a beveled waist.


Vass cognac Scotch grain reverse-welted full brogue derbies on Budapest last. This style of shoe is called a Budapester because it is the characteristic shoe style of Hungarian shoe manufacturers. Yes, Hungarian shoe manufacturers. Largely because of Budapest's status as one of the capitals of the Austro-Hungarian empire after 1867, the shoemaking industry was quite advanced by the end of the empire in 1918. Neither the lean interwar years nor World War II nor the Communist domination of the country until 1989 managed to kill it. Vass is one of the makers that sprung up after the fall of Communism, and these shoes are the quintessential expression of Hungarian shoemaking.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Why am I getting the impression, despite paragraphs of details to the contrary, that you went barefoot today? Could it be the lack of any picture?

Despit peanut gallery comments to the contrary, the picture really does help, even if it's not the exact same.