Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's Shoes


Gravati side-buckle plain-toe monkstraps in Radica 01 (16042, 433 last). Radica 01 is a lovely dark brown leather, significantly less flashy than the 033 that I wore yesterday but still variegated and interesting. These shoes were a special order from Harold's in the Heights from maybe two and a half years ago. I was trying for a shoe similar to the John Lobb Paris Jermyn II (the most sublime ready-to-wear shoe in existence), but I made a couple of mistakes: the last has too bulbous a toe for a Jermyn II knockoff, and the wheeling is too big. It would have been much better on the 683 last. Alas, alas. They're still nice shoes.


Martegani high-vamp penny loafers in an English tan (pictured above right), purchased at Harold's a couple of months ago. I love these shoes. The high vamp, the square toe, and the close-cut sole all make for a very sleek rendition of the penny loafer. I may have to get these in dark brown, too.

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