Saturday, January 19, 2008


I don't write very many checks. Credit and debit cards and cash are much more convenient at the point of sale, and most bills can be paid over the interweb. But not all can be, and I still write a few checks a year. Earlier this month, I ran out of checks for the first time in maybe four years; and so I was forced to pony up $17 to get a new box. The problem with ordering checks, of course, is that they have to be mailed to you; and nothing comes through the mail in a box the size and shape of a check box except checks. It's an open invitation for thieves. Only it's not anymore. The checks didn't come in a package that looked like a box of checks. They came in a flat pack like the one in the picture above, the result of the books of checks being packed side by side instead of one on top of the other. The package could have contained a magazine or a book or any number of things other than checks. Apparently, Deluxe has recently revamped their packaging to get better postal rates and to increase security. Well, congratulations. It's an excellent idea.

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