Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's Shoes


GJ Cleverley bespoke split toe bluchers with handsewn apron and toe seams in dark tan Russian reindeer with double leather soles. It's been a while since I've worn these last; and when I first put them on, there was an odd squeaking when I flexed my foot. I think that the felt that fills the void formed by raising the feather (this is a cork amalgam in factory-made shoes, but not with bespoke shoes) had lost its adhesion to the insole. With wear through the day, the glue softened up or something, but the squeaking went away. This has actually happened with both of my Cleverley Russian reindeer pairs of shoes. I don't exactly like it, but I doubt that tearing the shoes apart to fix the problem would be in the long-term best interests of my shoes.


Gravati plain-toe monkstraps in dark brown peccary with combination leather/rubber soles (16371, 640 last).

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