Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today's Shoes


Gravati plain-toe side-zip ankle boots in dark brown kangaroo with single leather soles (16821, 683 last). One of the things that makes Gravati the best value of the mid-level Italian makers is their attention to detail that most of their competition misses. Moreschi, another mid-level Italian maker, also has a side-zip ankle boot. In their side-zip ankle boot, the back side of the zipper rubs against the ankle and lower calf. That's not very comfortable, and it's hell on socks. Gravati solves this problem by having a narrow strip of leather covering the underside of the leather. It's a very small design feature that probably added virtually nothing to the cost of materials or the time it took to make the boots. But it makes a world of difference to how useful and wearable the boots are.


Gravati plain-toe saddle bals in medium brown (Nicotina) peccary with combination leather/rubber soles (15578, 640 last).

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