Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey, Little Girl. Want Some Apple Fritters?

Ever had an apple fritter with actual hunks of apple in it? I hadn't. All the fritters that I had had were just gigantic cinnamon doughnuts without the hole. And then at the behest of a colleague at work, I went to Christy's Donuts at the corner of Montrose and West Gray in Houston. Their apple fritters are the way that I imagined all my life that apple fritters ought to be: big, fried until golden brown and delicious, iced thickly enough to induce a diabetic coma, and chock full of real apples. Very, very tasty. And cheap, too: I think that they are something like 98 cents apiece. Their apple turnovers are good, too: there are apple slices in them as well, not just the standard apple-flavored goo. I was less impressed with the chocolate glazed doughnut that I had, but who cares? The fritters and the turnovers are more than enough reason to go back. I have been told that they make good kolaches, too, with dough that doesn't have the leaden consistency of that found at a certain kolache megachain; but I haven't tried any yet.

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