Monday, September 10, 2007

Last Night's Tipple

I had another pour of Tamdhu 10 year old, largely because one of my initial impressions of Glenrothes the night before last was that it was a lot like Tamdhu. I wanted to see if that reaction was legitimate or if I was misremembering things. It turns out that I was misremembering things. They are similar in that they are both malt-driven without much peat, but Tamdhu is lighter in body and sharper in flavor than Glenrothes. It also has a heck of a lot more of the citrus overtones than Glenrothes does, the Glenrothes website notwithstanding. I wrote yesterday that Glenrothes has a creamy mouthfeel, and so it does. Tamdhu does not, not even remotely. This is not a bad thing: Tamdhu and Glenrothes are just different sorts of Scotch, each having their positive attributes. I will say that Tamdhu, at under $20 a fifth, is a much better value than Glenrothes.

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