Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Today's Shoes


Cleverley bespoke elastic-sided shoes with a hand-stitched pie-crust-style apron in burgundy calf. The principal problem that I have had with my Cleverley shoes is that they are not shallow enough in my forefoot and are too shallow across the instep. What I mean is that there's too much room over my toes and not enough over my instep. The implications of the second problem are obvious enough: under the right circumstances, the shoes can get uncomfortably tight. The implications of the first problem are probably not so apparent. What happens is that they with walking, they get a broad ripple across the top of the shoe. It doesn't effect the comfort of the shoe or its durability, just the aesthetics. For my most recent pair of shoes, they shaved down my lasts in the forefeet, but they haven't shaved down enough. Something more to work on if I order with them again.


Gravati four-eyelet plain-toe bluchers in dark brown Lama calf with a combination leather/rubber sole (16493, 640 last).

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