Friday, September 7, 2007

Last Night's Tipple

Another pour of Laird's BIB Straight Apple Brandy. I remain impressed with it. Lots of apple aromas, and many of the barrel-related characteristics that aging in charred new oak barrels causes. Very different from Calvados, but an enjoyable expression of apple brandy in its own right. I would like to try Laird's older apple brandies, but, alas, they're not available in this area, to the best of my knowledge.

Speaking of American apple brandy, see Will's post at A Suitable Wardrobe about Clear Creek Distillery's Eau de Vie Pomme, which, although distilled in Oregon, is made in the Calvados style. I have seen a 375 ml. bottle of this at Spec's in Houston (around $21), and I have been tempted more than once. After reading what Will has written about it, I'm sure that I'll buy it sooner rather than later.

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