Friday, September 14, 2007

Today's Shoes

Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. three-eyelet unlined desert boots in light tan suede with crepe rubber soles. No, the boot to the right is not mine. It's one made by Clark, which is the original marketer of the desert boot after World War II. The lacing of my boots is less low-slung than the one pictured, mine have three eyelets rather than two, and mine have thin round laces instead of those broad flat ones. The last that my boots are made on is much shaplier, too. But the boot pictured should give you a good idea of what mine look like.

Crepe rubber soles are extremely cushy. The positive thing about this is that they are comfortable, particularly when walking on hard surfaces. The problem is that it can sometimes feel like walking through loose sand, which can get tiring. The complete lack of arch support doesn't help, either. Still, these are good boots, at least for my purposes -- I'm not exactly going on campaign in them.

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