Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Member of the All-Name Team

One of the members of the Cleveland Indians American League baseball team is named Asdrubal Cabrera, a rookie shortstop/second baseman from Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela. He is a member of the all-name team not just because Asdrubal is an unusual name but also because it must ultimately derive from Hasdrubal, the brother of Hannibal, son of Hamilcar, and Carthaginian general during the Second Punic War. Carthage controlled extensive territory on the Iberian peninsula, and Hasdrubal both commanded armies there and served as proconsul there while his brother was campaigning in Italy. Perhaps this experience in Iberia in the late 3rd Century BC is the ultimate reason why a baseball player from Venezuela was named after him. I don't know, but the name still is cool.

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Ben W. Brumfield said...

What a shame he isn't a Columbian from Cartagena!