Thursday, October 18, 2007

Royal Mail

This spring, I received a bill from GJ Cleverley. I was confused because I had just paid them for my latest pair of bespoke shoes. Then I noticed that it wasn't for those shoes; it was for my previous pair (which I had also paid for), and it was dated September, 2005. Yes, it had taken more than 18 months to reach me. I had assume dthat most or all of the delay was related somehow to Hurricane Rita, which made landfall in late September 2005 and disrupted mail and parcel delivery in this area for months afterward. I may have to change my assumption, however, because yesterday I received the card listing the dates and locations for Cleverley's fall tour of the US. What's unusual about this is that the fall tour ended on October 13. I would think that the people at Cleverley were trying to tell me something, just like those who send wedding invitations after the fact to people whom they don't want to attend but do want gifts from, except for the fact that the envelope is stamped twice "Found in supposedly empty equipment". In light of this, I now think that someone at the Royal Mail doesn't approve of my relationship with GJ Cleverley.

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