Monday, October 22, 2007

Today's Shoes


Vass apron-stitched bluchers in orangish tan calf (Vass calls it cognac, although it's much lighter than what most manufacturers call cognac) with a single leather sole and a beveled waist (New Norweger model, U last). The shoe to the left is the same model, last, and configuration as mine, only a different color leather. Although Vass calls the model the New Norweger, it's not really a Norwegian shoe -- it only has the apron stitching, not the toe stitching like a Norwegian does. The U last is a snouty, narrow square-toe last that Vass developed for the RTW shoes it makes for Florentine bespoke maker Roberto Ugolini. It echoes Ugolini's preferred bespoke style quite well. I like these shoes, but they are a tad too long. This causes them to break too far up my big toe for comfort, which reduces the frequency with which I wear them.


Alden wingtip bal in dark brown suede with single leather soles (model 904, Hampton last).

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