Monday, October 22, 2007

How To Sound Like A Pretentious Ass

Americans and Brits pronounce certain words differently. "Jaguar" is one such word. I don't begrudge the British their pronunciation. It's fine, for them. But when an American starts pronouncing "jaguar" like a Brit, he's being a pretentious ass. Yes, I'm talking about you, Ron Jaworski.


letitia said...

Totally not relevant, but for some reason HEB has containers of ginger for $2.99 for 10oz. I was assuming that the little end cap containers at HEB now were the same bulk stuff that Central Market sells, but I guess not. $2.99 is a really good price, almost as good as the Amish.

Soletrain said...

But Letitia, what does ginger have to do with sounding like a pretentious ass? Anyway, I had previously looked for candied ginger in the bulk section at Central Market and had come up empty. Little did I realize that they had cleverly hidden it with the dried fruits instead of putting it with the spices as any normal human being would have done. I managed to find it yesterday, though, and bought 8 ounces.