Thursday, October 18, 2007

Today's Shoes


Alden high-lace wing-tip blucher boots in cigar (dark brown) shell cordovan with double leather soles (Plaza last). These are more special editions from Tom Park at LeatherSoul Hawaii, and there are two particularly interesting things about these boots. First, they have a faux counter, where the counter is traced out by brogueing but does not really exist. In other words, they're kind of like partial blind brogues. Second, the tongue is unlined shell cordovan, and it's surprising how soft, thin, and pliable it is when it is just there by itself. They're beautiful boots; and if you like them, Tom has a new shipment of the same boot in Color #8 shell cordovan in now.


Gravati split-toe ghillie-tie bluchers in tan suede with combination leather/rubber soles (13555, 500 last).

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