Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today's Shoes


Edward Green bespoke adelaide diamond-tip bals with pie crust-style throat, counter, and toe cap stitching in dark brown aniline-dyed calf with single leather soles with steel plates in the toe. These shoes are one of the original Gaziano-Girling shoes -- Tony Gaziano was the lastmaker and clicker, and Dean Girling was the maker -- but they were made when Tony was still with Edward Green. I have been wanting to have Tony make another pair for me (I'm thinking a wholecut monkstrap with reversed seams), but, alas, he hasn't come close to this part of the country since these shoes were completed. I'd like him to see these on the foot so that he can determine if any last adjustments are needed. In addition, I think that the next pair will be on a round-toe last, and I'd like to discuss the last and the design of the shoe with him in person. So maybe next spring...


JM Weston demi-chasse bluchers in dark tan calf with double leather soles (598 model).

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