Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Hot Gift For Christmas

If you're wracking your brain to come up with a gift idea for one of your loved (or liked) ones, consider what is destined to become The Hot Gift For Christmas 2007: a homemade necklace with lettered beads spelling TEP. No, those aren't somebody's initials, and they don't stand for anything. They just are. I guarantee: all the cool kids will have one come January, 2008.


letitia said...

Who knew we were on the cutting edge of fashion? Maybe by spring rainboots will be the only footwear worth thinking about no matter what the weather.

Soletrain said...

Oh, they already are. But they have to have the right design on them.

Sara said...

Huh? TEP? Can you at least credit a source on this pronouncement?