Monday, November 12, 2007

Today's Shoes


Alden saddle bal in Color #8 shell cordovan with single leather soles (model 994, Barrie last). You will sometimes see Italian saddle shoes, but they typically have a saddle that narrows considerably as it approaches the welt. These Aldens are American-style saddles in all their trad glory. When the shoe is white with a black saddle, it screams "golf," but in burgundy shell cordovan with a burgundy shell cordovan saddle, it's an understated business shoe with a little bit of eccentricity. I'd like it better on a last other than Barrie, but it's still a good shoe. The picture is lifted from the Alden of San Francisco website, an excellent purveyor of Alden shoes.


Alden long wing bluchers in Color #8 shell cordovan with reverse welting and double leather soles (model 975, Barrie last).

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