Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today's Shoes


Vass high-lace wingtip blucher boots in dark brown calfskin with single leather soles (F last). The combination of last -- the slim, rounded-toe F -- and the single sole combine to make this very much a city boot. There is an old rule that one should not wear bluchers with a suit (a rule that I don't believe in and ignore), but if ever the rulemakers make an exception, it would be for these boots. A friend of mine recently received an order of these boots in Color #8 shell cordovan with double leather soles to wear as bad weather boots in the winter in New York City, and he tells me that the effect is completely different. The shell cordovan and the double sole conspire to make the boot look much more rugged and rustic. All of which goes to illustrate that this is another of the chameleon shoe models.


Martegani three-eyelet wholecut size-lace shoes in tobacco waterproof suede with heavy single leather soles (3B last). These shoes are my second attempt at replicating the original Cleverley model shown above (the Vass hunter's goyser on P2 being the first), and it is a much closer replica. It still isn't the same, though, and I fear that I might have to order a bespoke shoe from Cleverley (or from Gaziano & Girling or Foster's) in order to get the look.

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