Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today's Shoes


Vass plain-toe bals with a floating medallion on the toe in cognac (really burnt orange) calfskin with beveled single leather soles (U last). Vass calls this model the Oxford Medallion. My shoes are identical to the ones in the picture except for the color of the calfskin. I don't wear these shoes very often for two reasons. First, the color is a bit extreme -- there aren't a whole lot of occasions that call for burnt orange shoes. Second, they're too big. I had never tried shoes on the U last on before I bought these, and on the advice of others who had, I ordered them half a size larger than my regular size because the U last was supposed to be narrow. Well, maybe it is narrow compared to other Vass lasts, but it isn't narrow in an absolute sense. These shoes are, predictably enough, about a half a size too large, meaning that they break in the wrong place on my foot and aren't that comfortable. Oh, well. If I had it to do over again, I would order these in a darker color (maybe antic cognac or Color #8 shell cordovan) and would order them in my regular size.


Sutor Mantellassi three-eyelet plain-toe blucher boots in navy blue suede with Norwegian construction and a rubber sole. These are more shoes that have an extended toe that makes them just a bit too long. They would benefit from being half a size smaller. Other than that, they're great. The suede is nice and floppy, even with a full lining.


Jeff Naylor said...

I'm curious about Vass shoes and must admit that even after reading all the threads about them on AAAC and SF I'm not entirely sure about the acquisition process. Does Gabor send you a catalog, assist with sizing info and take a credit card number?

Soletrain said...

For me, it typically works like this: I decide what I want (model, last, leather, any modifications to the model). I e-mail Gabor to see if what I want is possible and to get the price. If it is possible and I'm willing to pay the price, I PayPal him 50% as a deposit. When he receives the shoes, he e-mails me that he's ready to ship them, and I PayPal him the remaining 50%. I'm familiar with the models, lasts, and leathers that Vass offers, so I don't really need a catalogue. How other people do it, I'm not sure.