Monday, November 19, 2007

Today's Shoes


Gravati cap-toe bals in red-brown grained calfskin (Lama Larice) with single leather soles (16592, 500 last).


Gravati high-vamp penny loafer with twin-needle-stitched apron in red-brown grained calfskin (Color 39 Tibet) with single leather soles (15477, 701 last). The shoe in the middle of the picture above is mine. As I have previously mentioned, I'm quite taken with Tibet calf -- the veining pattern is beautiful, it's soft, and it takes a good shine -- and I'm going to use it on other special orders in the future. My current project is a split-toe blucher boot with twin-needle stitching on the apron and toe seam in Color 39 Tibet. What I really want is the 15950 with the apron and toe stitching. It remains to be seen whether Gravati will make it or whether they will force me into an existing model.

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