Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's Shoes


Alden long wing bluchers in Color #8 shell cordovan with a double leather sole and a split reverse welt (model 975, Barrie last). You may recall that I complained about some heel slippage with these shoes on their first two wearings. Heel slippage is what causes blisters, and I don't like blisters. My hope was that the slippage was caused by the stiffness of the double leather soles: that they're so thick and stiff that they don't flex enough when they're new, which causes the heel to slip as the wearer walks. Well, after this wearing, I'm more hopeful. There is still some minor slippage with my right heel, but nothing with my left. Maybe next time, we can dispense with slippage altogether.

Incidentally, a strange but true fact: typically, one's dominant foot is slightly smaller than one's off foot. I'm right-footed, and my right foot is probably a quarter size smaller than my left foot. How do I know that my experience is typical? I asked Tony Gaziano, who has examined more feet than just about anybody who isn't a podiatrist.


Santoni three-eyelet plain-toe ankle boots in caramel brown calfskin with a rubber sole. It's a nasty night tonight.