Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Night's Tipple

Another dram of Old Overholt last night; and it was again a spicy, light, pleasing drink. A very good value for $13 a fifth, although it would probably be better at 100 proof than 80 proof.

It turns that I was incorrect the day before yesterday in identifying Jim Beam, Old Overholt, and Wild Turkey as the only widely-distributed straight ryes until recently. Apparently, Barton Brands' Fleischman's rye also had wide distribution at one point, although I have never seen it. Heaven Hill's Rittenhouse and Pikesville ryes also had a decent distribution, although I gather that it was always somewhat regional. Furthermore, since the Heaven Hill distillery burned in Bardstown in 1996, all of the rye that has been sold under Heaven Hill's labels has been distilled by Brown-Forman. Another day, another dose of whiskey trivia!

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