Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last Night's Tipple

Another dram of The Rich Spicy One, a vatted malt in the sherried style from the Edrington Group's Easy Drinking Whisky Company. I was thinking about giving The Smooth Sweeter One a try (because, you know, I like smooth and sweet), but I thought that it would be profligate to buy a bottle of that before I finished this one off. And it will probably be a while before I finish this one off, not because I don't like it but rather because I have way too much whisk(e)y.

I liked this second try better than I did the first time. With some time in the glass, some of that Scotch-y aroma that I noted before blew off; and I was able to enjoy it in all its sherried goodness. I have read more than once that this whisky is "good but not very complex," but I don't really understand where that comes from. To me, complexity means that one's experience with a whisky will vary from sip to sip and that different aspects of its character will become apparent over time. That's what happened with this whisky, so, yes, I would say that it has complexity. That's more than I can say for other Scotches that I've tried that cost more than it. It's a good whisky and a good value.

Note to Ben: If you recall, one of the constituents of The Smokey Peaty One is Ledaig, which is Tobermory Distillery's peated malt. I have recently seen two different bottlings of this, a 10 year old that's apparently aged in ex-Bourbon casks for around $47 a fifth and a sherried version without an age statement (so probably less than 10 years old) for around $30. You might find the sherried version interesting, although it has not gotten very positive reviews.


Ben W. Brumfield said...

Hyperbole aside, this seems very much worth investigating -- especially for $30, which is a price for which I'm willing to experiment, modulo shelf space.

I still haven't done a blind tasting of your "What Should Ben Drink" recommendations, but will say that I don't regret buying either Bowmore Legend or Black Bottle.

Keep up the good work!

Dr. Whisky said...

Don't be afraid of having too many bottles on the shelf! I say go for the Smooth, Sweeter One... I love the stuff... and who knows for how much longer it will be around? It is all gone here in UK and in Canada.