Friday, August 31, 2007

Of Freeway Construction and Idiot DJs

Yesterday morning, I awoke to hear the morning DJ on the radio station that I'm ashamed to say I listen to ranting and raving about the fact that the westbound Katy Freeway would be closed from Gessner to Wilchrest from 5:00 AM Saturday until 5:00 AM Monday so that steel beams of for the Beltway 8 overpass can be put in place. It was idiotic, he claimed, because it would interfere with people trying to get away for the Labor Day weekend. Good planning, TxDOT! If they weren't such a bunch of lazy idiots, they would be doing this during the week or in the middle of the night so that holiday travelers wouldn't be effected. Gee. If only we had more people like this nimrod running highway construction. The fact of the matter is that TxDOT is very good about working at night whenever possible. If this idiot had been paying attention during the West Loop or US 59 reconstructions, he would know that. He would also know that putting those giant overpass beams in place isn't a one-night job. Given that it's not, when is the best time to close the freeway: during the week when thousands of commuters are trying to get to work or get home, or over a holiday weekend? The holiday weekend, of course, especially when the closure doesn't start until Saturday morning -- most people who are going to leave town during the weekend will have done so by Friday night. It doesn't bother me so much that this DJ is colossally ignorant about the world around me; it's that he's too stupid and too arrogant to realize just how ignorant he is.

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