Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today's Shoes


Gravati plain-toe five-eyelet blucher ankle boots with a toe medallion and double leather soles in Radica 01 calf (15950, 655 last). I had thought that it wouldn't rain today, or else I wouldn't have worn some of my "good" shoes. Blake-constucted shoes, like these are, are susceptible to letting moisture from rain or flood into the interior of the shoe because the stitching that attaches the insole to the outsole runs along the inside of the shoe and can act as a wick. That's why I wouldn't wear them in the rain, though: I'm not outside long enough for my feet to get wet in any event. I just don't like the ugly shade of gray that leather soles turn from wet-down sidewalk and road grime.


Gravati plain-toe saddle bals in medium brown peccary with a combination leather/rubber soles (15578, 640 last).

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