Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today's Shoes

Today's shoes are an experiment. They're Mephisto Allrounders (Arto model), and they're essentially laceless sneakers, with elastic gores instead of laces. I bought them somewhat as an impulse on Saturday at Harold's in the Heights, intending to use them as I would use casual loafers or driving mocs. On the plus side, these are very comfortable, and the elastic gores give a good fit without the pressure across the instep that laces sometimes give. On the minus side, they get a bit hot, and they're a bit ugly. I think that I like them on balance, but I'll have to wear them more to see.


letitia said...

My dad is at the point where he wears only Mephistos as his business shoes, because of his bad feet. They evidently make a world of difference for him, but he occasionally gets comments in business meetings on his "clown shoes." Also, when one of my friends was doing a walking pilgrimage in Spain & Portugal, one of the 1st things she did was find a Mephisto store to try to make the pilgramage a little more comfy.

Soletrain said...

Letitia, some Mephisto shoes are uglier than others. I wouldn't classify any of them as actually attractive, but there are some that aren't actually butt-ugly. Alas, these shoes are indeed butt-ugly, so ugly, in fact, that they seem to make ugliness into a selling point.

letitia said...

I don't actually think my dad's shoes are ugly, I think they look younger and hipper than most of his shoes. They look a little like bowling shoes. I just think it's funny that they are evidently different enough from what everyone else in his military/industrial circles wears to get referred to as clown shoes. I don't think the shoes pictured are particularly ugly either, but again, I tend to judge shoes on how comfortable they look.